Corsairs Over Connecticut
03, 04, 05 June 2005 at Sikorsky Memorial Airport
Stratford, Connecticut.

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This is the Aircraft.
The Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair
This Corsair was the second to last that was built in the Stratford Plant.

This is the Chance Vought plant at Stratford, Connecticut as it looks now June 2005.

Looking at the building you can see the smaller building in the front
of what was the exits for the two production lines. The finished Corsairs
would leave the factory, make a right turn, and the
tug would tow them across Main Street.

After crossing Main Street the tug would tow the corsairs between
the two hangers on the left and right of the picture. 
Looking toward the far end of the left hanger you can see
a small area of a white building, that is the Chance Vought plant.

This is the hanger on the right.

And this is the hanger on the left.
That is some information on the aircraft.
Now we will look at the people that built the Corsair,
and the people that flew the magnificent Corsair.

This gentleman worked at the Stratford plant,
and still had his ID card from back then.

On the first day of the show there were so many people that had
memories of the Corsair, that to try and talk to them all would
take months. What I found that worked was to just stand
near one of the Corsairs, the people would see me
with the camera and come over and start talking
about how the Corsair was part of their life.
Topics would be, when they worked in the plant,
and how the they would produce 17 Corsairs every twenty four hours.

This woman worked at the Stratford plant,
and she was saying how everybody there
was really working hard to support the war effort.

This gentleman is a Marine and at the age of twenty two was
flying the Corsair in the Pacific theater.
He flew with VMF214 the Black Sheep Squadron, and on occasion
he would fly wing with Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.

This is the the Autograph plate. Better known
as the starboard outboard wheel well door.

And then there is the group of people, a very large group,
that are just fascinated with this beautiful aircraft.
This gentleman is just one of them. And all the people
you see in the pictures that follow are also in that same group.

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