Dunoon, Scotland  July, 1999
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On the Kilmun pier looking inland.

On the road headed to Strone Point.

This is the church at Strone Point.

Looking from Dunoon to Strone Point.

Around the corner at Strone Point and the
road takes you to Blairmore.

On the Dunoon pier.

Castle House Museum, taken from Dunoon Pier

Looking to the centre of town, taken from Dunoon Pier

A walk down Argyle Street on a nice July day.

Old familiar places, (once was the Dolphin Bar)

but no familiar faces...

But you know, I looked at every face and

wonder could that be ....... if I added 46 years.

Still walking through town, and still looking,
at the corner of Ferry Brae.

Another Pub. Ingrams' on Ferry Brae.

Remember J. Bell's, where you could get the Polaris tartan.

And the Crown Cafe.

And the Bombay and The Queen's Hall.

And back to the old Dunoon Pier,

Where do you want to go today??

Castle House Museum, Lets take a look inside.

A plaque from the crew of the USS Hunley AS31  1963-1966.

Plaques from SubRon 14 and the Los Alamos.

The Dunoon plaque.

A plaque from ComSubRon 14.

From the Castle House Museum, looking at the Dunoon Pier

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