Greenock, Scotland

Greenock Plaque

Greenock Municipal Building

This is a story that I heard on how Greenock got it's name.  In this town there was a large oak tree, and as oak trees go they are usually green.  So as the story goes, the people around the area of this town call it Green Oak, and with the Scottish accent the town became known as Greenock.
So the story goes.

This is a tour of Greenock, Scotland as it is now July 1999.  Their are forty seven pictures on seven pages.  Please allow time for them to load.  During my tour at the Holy Loch I spent a lot of time in the Greenock area and traveling around Scotland on my motorcycle.  So if you would like to help with some things like street names, house names, or anything that would add to the descriptions of the pictures, they will be graciously accepted.
Musical selection is:  Scotland the Brave
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