The Bonnie Holy Loch - 02 May 2009
SubRon 14
Holy Loch, Scotland
1961 to 1992

by Jim Collins BM3 (Boats)
"Boatswain's Mates are true shipmates!"

USS Fulton AS 11  '60 - '60  State Pier, New London, CT

USS Proteus AS 19  '62 - '63  Holy Loch, Dunoon, Scotland

USS Hunley AS 31  '63 - 64  Holy Loch, Dunoon, Scotland

History of this Polaris Tartan;
Designed for the Officers and men of the American Submarine base at Holy Loch, Scotland, making the Polaris submarine the first ship in history to have its own tartan. The idea came from Captain Walter F Schlech, Commander of the submarine squadron, SubRon 14, aboard the USS Proteus AS19.

Holy Loch Display at the Sub Base
New London, CT

Take a trip back to The Holy Loch
and bring back some fond memories.

The American Years
Dunoon and the US Navy

A book about the US Navy's Submarine Base
at Holy Loch, Scotland.

Written by Andrene Messersmith

The History of SubRon Fourteen
Holy Loch Reunion News
USS Proteus '62-'63 Pictures
USS Hunley AS-31 Organization
USS Hunley '63-'64 Pictures

Thing from the Navy Days

Navy Boot Camp 29 Mar 1961 Company A22
eMail List from Holy Loch, Scotland
"Celtic Sol" After The Navy
The Lone Sailor West Haven, Connecticut
Plaques of SubRon 14
Bits and Pieces of Submarine History
Royal Navy Submarine Stamps 2001

Rontini's Free Submarine BBS
Gary Flynn's Site One Holy Loch, Scotland
USS Baltimore CA-68   Heavy Cruiser
US Navy Ship Locator
Find your Ship and it's status

Time Line of Submarine Tender History

Link to Some History of Scotland

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