Some of The History of SubRon 14

The USS Hunley  AS31
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A calm night in the Holy Loch

This is a picture taken from Kilmun hill looking across the Loch.

This is Hank Slawson (I think that's how it's spelt) coxswain
of the number 2  50 footer. I think Hank is from Minnesota


This is Mike Stover coxswain of the number 1  40 footer.
Mike is from Akron, Ohio


A 40 footer on the left and the 50 footer is outboard

A 50 footer going to the boat deck for repairs

 What kind of a smile would you have, if you just made
3rd class BM and got orders back to your old ship?


The Number 1 Box L
The Box L was a 64 foot steel WW II harbor mine layer
that was converted to a personnel carrier.


Somebody has to paint the deck of the number 2 Box L

When the engine blows the engineman is right there.

And when the work is done??????  Yes this is Audie Wasden.

In between boat runs I pose for pictures.

Glen Cates BM3 reading the paper as the engineman pilots the boat.

The Number 2 Box L making a run to Cardwell Bay via the Dry dock.

The Dive boat alongside one for the boomers.

Two of the divers from the Hunley.
On the left is Chuck Dondlinger from Chicago, IL


On the beach with the girls, Iris, Mike, and Betty.

Again Jim, Iris, Hank, Betty, and Audie

A party for Charlie (the barber) and his girl,
they are both at he upper left of the picture.


The cycle of fun.  A 1959 Matchless G3 ( Oh to have it now ).
With it I was able to see other parts of Scotland.
Click here if you would like to see the new Motorcycles


Mary and the Matchless

Return from Cardwell Bay on a foggy day.

The Number 2 Box L Returning from Cardwell Bay,
Yes that's me waving.


The Number 2 Torpedo retriever
Making a run to return the crew to the ship


My Rack. Having a middle rack was a good thing.
Picture is of Mary my girlfriend (now my wife).
Note the Boatswains Pipe and Lanyard upper left.

If any one can add the names to the pictures that are missing them,
that would be greatly appreciated.  45 years IS a long time.
Who could have thought we would be doing something
like this with the old pictures.......


The Piper
12 July 1964
Prestwick, Scotland
Headed Home to Connecticut.

 Haste Ye Back.......

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