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USS Hunley
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This text is from the Commissioning book of the
U.S.S. Hunley (AS 31)
Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company
Newport News, VA

The Commissioning Book is from Ernie Demers ETNSN.

I scanned it into the format that you see now.
This format is similar to the book.

If you should find any misspellings in the text,

please let me know, and I'll correct it as soon

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Commissioning of the
U.S.S. Hunley

June 16, 1962

Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company

Newport News, Virginia

Naval Commissioning

The Commissioning Ceremony marks the initiation of service of a ship of the Operating Forces of the United States Navy.  At the moment of breaking her commission pennant, U.S.S. Hunley (AS31) becomes the responsibility of her Commanding Officer, Captain Douglas N. Syverson, USN, who together with the ship's company, then has the duty of making and keeping her constantly ready for any service demanded by our country in war or peace.

U.S.S. Hunley (AS31)


Mrs. J. Palmer Gaillard, Jr.

Wife if the Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina

28 November 1960

28 September 1961

16 June 1962

Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company

Newport News, Virginia

The first vessel to bear the name HUNLEY was a Confederate submarine which assured its place in history by being the first to sink an enemy warship-the Union war sloop HOUSATONIC. The story of this primitive underwater raider is a record of almost incredible bravery and perseverance on the part of her builders and the men who manned her. During her brief service she sank five times with the loss of four crews.

Patriotism and profit formed the basis of the idea to build a submarine. The Confederate government had offered handsome bounties to private parties who sank Union ships.  Horace L. Hunley, the principal financial backer, and two marine engineers McClintock and Watson, were part of a group which had built the submarine PIONEER in 1862 with an eye on the profits to be gained in sinking the Federal ships blockading the mouth of the Mississippi River. However, the PIONEER was sunk when New Orleans was captured.

The three submarine builders moved to Mobile, which was under the command of Major General D. H. Maury, who was sympathetic toward underwater torpedo projects. He welcomed the three men and ordered a new boat to be built.  Their first attempt an iron boat 25 feet long, five feet wide and six feet deep was towed off Fort Morgan for an attack on the blockading fleet. She promptly sank in heavy seas, but without toss of life.

The next vessel was built from an iron boiler about 25 feet long and four feet in diameter. They cut her in half, inserted two 12-inch iron strips in her sides and tapered her fore and aft. Bulkheads were riveted inside the bow and stern castings to form water ballast tanks for lowering and raising the vessel.  Flat castings were fitted to the outside bottom for ballast, and could be dropped if necessary by loosening bolts which passed through stuffing boxes inside the boat. A propeller shaft extending almost the length of the craft was fitted with eight cranks so that the crew could sit on the port side while cranking.  Lateral fins were operated from a lever amidships. Hatchways installed fore and aft were provided with glass panes, the only means of seeing out of the boat with closed hatches. A candle was used for illumination and to indicate oxygen supply.

This questionable craft with a top speed of four miles pet hour was named the H. L. HUNLEY in honor of the man who had made her existence possible.

The torpedoes copper cylinders with 90 pounds of explosives were to be towed on a 200-foot rope behind the sub. The boat was to dive under an enemy ship and surface on the other side, dragging the torpedo against the ship. Her first trial was a success. A hit on a flatboat blew fragments 100 feet in the air.

Charleston was chosen as her home port because of the bombardment on Fort Sumter. Maury offered the HUNLEY to General P. G. T. Beauregard, Charleston’s commander, who gratefully accepted.  Lt. John Payne and a crew from Charleston volunteered to man the little boat, and she was towed to Fort Johnson for trials. A few nights later the HUNLEY took her first lives, She was lying at the wharf with the crew inside, when a swell from a passing steamer poured water into her open hatchway, and she sank like a rock. Lt. Payne alone escaped and immediately asked permission to raise her and recruit another crew. However, the HUNLEY swamped again at the wharf at Fort Sumter, and this rime Lt. Payne and two crew members survived.

Horace Hunley arrived with another crew and convinced the discouraged Beauregard that they could successfully operate the sub. This they did, diving her and returning. But on October 15, 1863, with a large crowd watching, Hunley and his crew submerged but failed to come up.

Sickened by the loss of so many lives, Beauregard was ready to give up on the HUNLEY, but he was finally talked into another try by two young engineers who had helped build her. He agreed to the attempt with the provision that the ship operate on the surface and carry her torpedo on a spar projecting from her bow. The torpedo was accordingly fitted, but they continued to operate the boat under water.

The two engineers, Lieutenants Dixon and Alexander, accomplished an amazing feat. They hoarded a Confederate ship, told the HUNLEY’s history, asked for volunteers and got them. This crew made a series of successful dives.  However, before an attack could be launched, Alexander was ordered to Mobile and Dixon was left to carry on.

On the night of February 17, 1864, the sea was calm and despite a bright moon, Dixon decided to wait no longer. The crew came aboard, hatches were closed. and the HUNLEY slipped under the surface.  The HOUSATONIC, a 1,240-ton screw steamer only three years old, lay at anchor in the bay. At about 8:45 p. m. the officer of the deck observed a disturbance in the water 100 yards away.  He thought it was a floating plank but took no chances, He gave orders to hoist the anchor and began backing the engines.

In the meantime the men on deck saw to their horror that the object had changed course and the sloop was headed directly toward it. It was so near that her guns were of no use, and they began firing with pistols and rifles.  A tremendous explosion disintegrated the stern of the sloop, a cloud of black smoke puffed from her stack, and she sank almost immediately All but five of her crew were rescued.
The little iron boiler submarine had become the first in history to sink a warship-a feat which would not be duplicated for half a century. But no word was received from the HUNLEY, and finally it had to be assumed that she had gone down with the sloop. In his memoirs, Alexander deduced that Dixon, operating only on dead reckoning, did not realize that the HOUSATONIC was backing toward him and had struck with such momentum that the crew was unable to back their boat free of the sinking sloop.

After the fall of Charleston in February 1865, divers examined the wreckage of the HOUSATONIC, but did not find the HUNLEY.  But several years later she was discovered lying on the bottom of the harbor, her bow still pointed toward the sunken sloop.

Artist’s  conception of the Confederate Torpedo Boat HUNLEY.

Submarine Tender Hunley  (AS 31)
Prospective Ship's Officers
Captain Douglas N. Syverson, USN, Commanding Officer

Commander William H. Knull, Jr., USN, Executive Officer

Executive Staff
Lieutenant Commander Glen A. Snell

Lieutenant Commander William D. Cooper, Chaplain

Lieutenant (J.G.) Robert M. Kephart

Operations And Navigation
Lieutenant Roy F. Battles

Lieutenant (J.G.) George Pertovitz, Jr.

Lieutenant (J.G.) Charles W. Wehner

Lieutenant (J.G.) Joseph A. Continelli

CWO Clifton C. Crisler

Engineering And Repair
Lieutenant Commander Henry A. Hoffmann

Lieutenant John N. Evosevich

Lieutenant Arthur J. Meacham

Lieutenant Cyrus McConnell, Jr.

Lieutenant (J.G.) Louis M. Laterza

Lieutenant (J.G.) Eric P. Bailey

Lieutenant (J.G.) Leo “H” Boyd

Lieutenant (J.G.) William D. Mansfield

Lieutenant (J.G.) Frank A. Skewes

Lieutenant (J.G.) Elliott F. Larose

Lieutenant (J.G.) Charles R. Ray

Lieutenant (J.G.) Paul N. McGgrath

Ensign Joseph R. Flasco

Ensign John S. Lahaszow

Ensign William R. Murrell

CWO James F. Barratt

Commander Karl N. Keever

Lieutenant Commander Ralph F. Murphy, Jr.

Lieutenant Charles W. Long

Lieutenant Roy E. Carver

Lieutenant (J.G.) Stephen Charlesworth

Ensign Charles W. Gile

Ensign Alfred C. Grosskurth

Ensign Gene F. Sheehan

CWO Lewis E. Mattox

Lieutenant Jay D. Ellenby

Captain Arthur F. Gustavion

Commander William C. Riesenberg

Lieutenant Commander Gerald M. Bowers

Weapons Repair
Lieutenant Commander Forrest T. Bruce

Lieutenant Denny R. Rathbun

Lieutenant John H. Miller

Lieutenant John H. Dolan

Lieutenant (J.G.) Carl G. Haesloop, Jr.

Lieutenant (J.G.) Stanley J. Chalecki

Lieutenant (J.G.) Bliss F. Nisonger

Lieutenant (J.G.) Charles W. Griffin

Chief Petty Officers

Adkins, Clarence, Chief Electrician's Mate
Agee, Arthur R., Chief Boilerman

Ash, Luther, Chief Fire Control Technician

Beisel Louis S., Chief Electronics Technician

Bickel, Richard L., Senior Chief Machine Accountant

Carman, Joseph J., Chief Shipfitter

Cenderelli, Daniel E., Chief Machinery Repairman

Clay, Donald R., Chief Machinist's Mate

Cook, Robert, Chief Torpedoman's Mate

Cronan, Robert E., Chief Dental Technician

Cruise, Ralph L., Master Chief Yeoman

Daily, William T., Chief Machinery Repairman

Davidson, Robert L., Chief Radioman

De Fore, Jerold M., Chief Electronics Technician

Dowell, George E., Senior Chief Electronics Technician

Eckard, Harold A., Chief Storekeeper

Foley, Robert D., Chief fire Control Technician

Foison, Charles E., Chief Electrician's Mate

Foxwell, Robert E., Chief Gunner's Mate (T)

Gambrell, William E., Chief Machinist's Mate

Garcia, Leo, Chief Torpedoman's Mate

Glidewell, James A., Chief Shipfitter

Godek, Eugene E., Chief Engineman

Gonsalves, Joseph, Chief Fire Control Technician

Hensley, Howard E., Chief Electrician's Mate

Hudson, Carl E., Chief Interior Communications Electrician

Johnson, Charles B., Jr., Senior Chief Engineman

Johnson, Charles E., Chief Machinist's Mate

Kendig, Richard A., Chief Engineman

Kerns, Wilbur E., Chief Missile Technician

Kopp, Gilbert C., Chief Personnel Man

Lang, Emerson C., Master Chief Engineman

Lindquist, Robert E., Senior Chief Lithographer

Lopez, Oscar, Chief Missile Technician

Loy, Harold, Chief Machinist's Mate

Messersmith, James E., Chief Boatswain's Mate

Meyer, Charles J., Jr., Master Chief Shipfitter

Minizak, Walter, Chief Shipfitter

Monteith, Harold W., Senior Chief Ship's Serviceman

Moss, Charles E., Chief Interior Communications Technician

Myette, John J., Chief Personnel Man

Newcomer, Woodrow W., Chief Boilerman

Olsen, Howard, Chief Machinist's Mate

O'Rourke, Charles F., Chief Instrumentman

Paige, Clayton C., Chief Postal Clerk

Parker, Waverly F., Chief Torpedoman's Mate

Perry, Robert D., Chief Hospital Corpsman

Pettigrew, Daniel, Chief Storekeeper

Pickard, Ralph H., Chief Electrician's Mate

Porter, George T., Chief Steward

Quatrlni, Edward J., Chief Shipfitter

Reagan, John, Chief Electrician's Mate

Rose, Norman E., Chief Shipfitter

Santos, David E., Chief Engineman

Schorb, Robert C., Senior Chief Fire Control Technician

Scott, Charles E., Senior Chief Electrician's Mate

Scott, Malcolm L., Chief Opticalman

Shirley, James W., Chief Machinist's Mate

Sigg, Paul E., Chief Missile Technician

Smallwood, Donald F., Chief Shipfitter

Smith, Frederick J., Chief Electronics Technician

Stanley, Arthur P, Chief Storekeeper

Surratt, Paul F., Senior Chief Ship's Serviceman

Theeuwen, John D., Chief Electrician's Mate

Tortomasi, Vincent G., Chief Machinist's Mate

Turner, William A., Chief Interior Communications Technician

Vuori, Lee A., Senior Chief Electronics Technician

Wade, James D., Chief Commissaryman

Wesseldine, Fleming J. Chief Commissaryman

White, John H., Jr. Chief Missile Technician

Wickard, Oliver H., Jr., Chief Disbursing Clerk

Wright, Frank A., Jr., Chief Torpedoman's Mate


Bennett.J. R., YN2

Bolger, E. H., PC2

Bounocore, J. F., SN

Burk, K. K., PN3

Cowhig, J. W., JO3

David, R. J., SA

Davis, C. J., SN

Falls, L. K., PC2

Ferri, J. E., SA

Graphos, P. T., SA

Hayhurst, V.J., SN

Hickey, C. E., SN

Horton, H. G., YN1

Larson, J.M., SN

Loughlin, E., PN3

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Quinn, F., YN3

Volk, E. A., PN2

Wall, H. H., YN3

Webb, D. E., PN2

Whiteaker, A. L., YN2

Wixted, F. E., Jr., YN3

Bellemare, R. J., RM2

Blacketrer, C. W., RM2

Brooks, C. A, Jr., RM2-P1

Cibberto, J. P., QM3

Clough, J. A., Jr., QM1

Cormiet, F. R., Jr., RM2-P1

Creech, G. J., RM2

Dora, G. J., AG1

Engstrom, G. A., SM1

Frorangijo, F. N., SM1(SS)

Geagler, F. S., RM3

Goodwin, R. F., RM1

Guadaloupe, A., Jr., SM1

Halil,J.R., RMSA

Hare, J. J., Jr., RMSN

Hix., A. J., Jr., SFM3(SS)

Huber, E. M., ETN2

Marcum, C. L., RMSA

Markowski, D. L., RMSN

McDaniel, G. T., ETNSA

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Zukowski, S. J., ET3


Unit Identification Code (UIC): 04689
Class: AS 31

Status: Disposed of by Navy title transfer to the Maritime Administration
Age (since launch)(At time of disposal) 37.7 years
Stricken Date: 05/03/1995
Date status changed: 05/01/1999

Builder: Newport News / NEWPT
Delivery Date: 06/16/1962
Award Date: 11/16/1959 Age (since delivery) (At time of disposal): 36.9 years
Keel Date: 11/28/1960
Launch Date: 09/28/1961
Commission Date: 06/16/1962
Decommission Date: 09/30/1994
Years from Commission to Decommission: 32.3
Overall Length: 599 ft
Waterline Length: 570 ft
Draft Limit: 27 ft
Light Displacement: 12852 tons
Full Displacement: 17640 tons
Dead Weight: 4788 tons
Hull Material: Steel hull, steel superstructure.

Hunley was sold by Marad for scrap to Southern Scrap Materials Co., LA on 05 Jan 2007.
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USS Hunley '63-'64
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