Some of The History of SubRon 14

The USS Hunley  AS31
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The pictures on this page were given to me by Mike Stover.
There were taken over the time he was on the USS Hunley so that would be from about 1963 to 1965

Boat Division

Babbitt, A. L., SA
Bishop, J. D., SN,  Britt, B. W., SA,  Cates, G. A., SN Cattani, D. E., SN,
Chapman, E. D., SA,  Cheslak, J. T, SA,  Childs, W. E., BM2,  Clifford, D. W., SA,
Davis, B, L., BM2, 
Dillman, C. A.,BM2,  Doyle, B. M., SA,  Driggers, D.C., SA Finkbiner, D., SA
Gill, J. R., SA
Kovacs, L. J., SALamb, K. B., SN,  Lewis, C. J., BM3(DV), Monks, H. K., SA,
Noble, S., SA,  Phillips, G., BM2,  Quitante, T. J., SA, 
Rave, L. A., SA, Spangler, G. J., SA
Thomas, J. F., SA,  Thornton, R. E., BM2,  Wasden, A. W., SA,  Youngblood, G. A., SA

That is just a the list of the Plank Owners that were in the boat division
with me on the USS Hunley
when it was Commissioned 16 June 1962 that I can remember.

A calm night in the Holy Loch

Ardnadam Pier and the old boat is still there.

A look at the back of the Holy Loch

Marshall Carter is the one stand in the back.
Marshall ran the Number 1 Box-L

Hank Slawson Ran the Number 2 50 footer
Where is he going?  He's on the Number 2 Box-L
and the Number 1 Box-L is out board

Part of the SubRon 14 line up
From the left is the YFNB 31, and the USS Hunley
Out of the picture to the right is the Dry Dock AFDB 7

The USS Proteus leaving the Holy Loch March 1963

A sailor can sleep any place.
This picture was take in the engine room of the Box-L.
The power generator that he is laying on is not running at this time (like that would make a difference). However the the big Gray Marine 6-71 is running full tilt and that is where he is resting his feet. And just for the record that is me in 1963
Here you see the coxswain on the left and the engineman on
the right of the Number 1 50 footer getting ready for the next liberty run.
Still trying to keep the record straight, that is me on the left.

This is Mail Call.
Sitting L-R: ????, George Cline?, Tofold (sp)
Standing L-R: Ron Price, Larry Colston, ????, ????,
Jim Collins pasting out the mail, Tom Quirante

This is Mike Stover coxswain of the number 1 40 footer.
Mike is from Akron, Ohio

Seaman Palumbo
(How'd I do not knowing his first name)

A sailor can sleep any place. Even in his Rack.
This is Pete Muller

It must be pay day. Why else would I have all the money.

Just playing around for the camera.
L-R: ?? Duncan, Jerry Spangler, and Jim Collins.

Red Alexander 3rd Class Engineman.
Date is around February 1964

And Mister Happy Face going on Liberty. (Me again)

USS Proteus '62-'63
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USS Hunley '63-'64
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