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This is a bronze medallion that was cast in the foundry of the
USS Proteus Jan 63


My jacket patch from Nov. 62   
Terry Scott's jacket patch from 1989
Click the Patch to see where he is now.

My jacket patch from Nov. 62

A jacket patch from her ship's
store just before decommissioning.
Courtesy of Randy Guttery

  "Boatswain's Mates are true shipmates!"

It Started with the "Old Pro"
USS Proteus  AS 19

This picture was taken after she left the Holy Loch in 1963
"Old Pro" Under Way

Leaving New London, Connecticut for Scotland

Arriving Holy Loch on 03 March 1961 and the
Patrick Henry (SSBN 599) arriving on 08 March 1961

USS Proteus AS 19  "Old Pro"

USS Los Alamos AFDB 7  Feb 1963
With a 50 foot utility boat alongside,
and a 60 foot MIC boat tide up alongside


Ardnadam Pier
Note the hull of a boat alongside.
Even at high tide the hull was still on the bottom, it was so waterlogged.


USS Proteus Nov 62
Note the quarter deck gangway just behind the bow of the sub.
Along the sub is a 50 foot utility boat and a 33 foot officers motor boat.


Some of us made belt buckle, this is mine.
The actual size is 2" X 3".


This is the Cloch Lighthouse located at Cloch Point.
Just south of Gourock on the way to Inverkip.


50 foot ragtop utility boat  Nov 62

50 foot ragtop utility boat  Nov 62
making a run to Cardwell Bay


Coming into the pier at Cardwell Bay   Oct. 1963

SSBN 600 along side the USS Proteus
Waves braking on the bow  15 Dec 1962.


Number 1 50 coming up on deck for another refit from the USS Proteus.
Port side the SSBN 600 sail at the bottom.   10 Dec 1962


SSBN 609 coming in along side to starboard of the USS Proteus.
10 Dec 1962


AK 259 USS Alcor alongside to port for replenishment of the
USS Proteus.  18 Dec 1962


Maid of Argyll from Dunoon to Gourock  18 April 1963

This picture was takes in one of the shops on the Proteus.
Each plaque is very similar to the jacket patch.
09 Jan 1963

The USS Proteus AS19 at the forward buoys, preparing to
return to the States, and the USS Hunley AS31
at the rear buoys, relieving the Proteus.
Received this picture from Mike Stover


The USS Proteus doing the last refit in the Holy Loch for this tour.
The AKS 33 was the USS Antares.


Replenishment of the Proteus before returning to the States.

On 15 March 1963 the USS Proteus Leaving the Holy Loch
at the end
of her first tour returning to the States.

The USS Proteus (AS-19)
was the original tender assigned at Holy Loch, Scotland.
It was also the first tender assigned at Rota, Spain and at Guam.

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