A Tribute at Ground Zero

It all started Sunday morning at 08:00 in North Haven where the Southern Connecticut
riders got together to start their ride to New York City and Ground Zero. 
We got the word that the group from Boston, Cape Cod, And Auburn,
Mass. were coming through Meriden, CT and stopping at the rest stop
on Route 15 to fuel up for the ride to NYC.

North Haven, CT

North Haven, CT

Meriden, CT,  Rest stop on Route 15 South
About 200 Riders

Darien, CT,  Rest stop on Route 15 South
About 300 Riders now

Now its about 10:00 and the next stop will be in NYC at Ground Zero. 
The best part of the ride was when we got to the New York state
line and we  had a New York Police escort to just outside NYC.
Then we had New York Highway Patrol with about seven motorcycles
and a car.  As we were traveling along the highway the motorcycles
would block the entrance to the highway so as not to break up the ride.

When we got to Ground Zero we had a chance to stretch our legs,
and look around.  Not a lot to see, but we had a little service for the
lost of family and friends, and the people that we didn't know.

This is about three blocks North of Ground Zero.
We stopped here for about 30 minutes.

The next stop was at FDNY in Hell's Kitchen at
Hook & Ladder 21 and Engine 34

Dave with the dog, and Linda with the guys
The officers were the motorcycle escort

Linda and Dave with the dog.
The dog rode on the special back seat of Dave's Goldwing.

The following pictures were taken in and around the Firehouse.
Can you find yourself, If so email me and I'll and your name to the caption.

My ride...

Dedicated to the memory the seven firefighters loss on
11 September 2001

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