Plaques of
SSBN Submarines

The background tartan:
This design is different in warp and weft. The display gives the general appearance only. Produced to celebrate American tourism in Scotland. The colours are taken from the flags of the two nations and the Atlantic Ocean that separates them.

If anyone has any plaques of this type that they would like to add to this page please email the picture to me, and I will add the plaque and a credit line with it.  Please be sure to include your name, rate, dates, and ship/boat.

USS George Washington
SSBN 598 *

USUSS Patrick Henry
SSBN 599 *

USS Theodore Roosevelt
SSBN 600 *

USS Robert E. Lee
SSBN 601

Thanks to
Jim Brown ET1(SS), NavET, 1962 thru 1968 for this plaque.

USS Abraham Lincoln
SSBN 602

USS Ethan Allen
SSBN 608 *

USS Sam Houston
SSBN 609 *

USS Thomas A. Edison
SSBN 610

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