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Reunion held in
Dunoon, Scotland
in 12 May to 16 May 2005

Attention all Holy Loch personnel, this is your chance to see some old friends, and make some new ones.

Holy Loch Reunion Association is planning another reunion, and  will be held in Dunoon, Scotland in May of 2005.

All former Holy Loch, Scotland Crew members (civilian or military), Sub Crews, visiting ships, dependent's and local Scottish residents are encouraged to register using the following form with their information to be a member of the Site 1 Holy Loch, Scotland
  Reunion Association.

You will need to select a user name and password so you can gain access to the members area.


Publisher Note:  The following pictures are in a large format so you can to see more detail.

Entrance to Hunters Quay Holiday Village

Information on Hunters Quay Holiday Lodges for the 2005 reunion.

A meeting was held on 22 July 2003 with the staff of the Holiday Village and Charlie Witherow (HLAVA / Holy Loch American Veterans Association), Jim Collins (Holy Loch US), and Joe Frankovitch (HLAVA). The place has a retired Chief as the manager and the Chef from the old Chief's Club working there so they are aware of the requirements.

A little information that will be of use for shipmates that were stationed at the Holy Loch on or near the time of it's closure.
1. The buildings at the complex at the pier, i.e. Officers club, Gym, EM Club etc. have all been disassembled and moved to this site. When the buildings were rebuilt they have been modified and improved to encompass a modern facility.
2. The Lodges mentioned in the brochure and in this report refer to the Hafton Holiday Chalets. These were purchased by this company and improved and are now in use.

To give a little idea of the facilities available, this complex is like a small town on the outskirts of Dunoon, right next to the Hafton Hotel. It includes all the Chalets mentioned before and at least a 1000 holiday trailers or caravans. The Dolphin
Leisure contains, Large restaurant, reception area, Large Swimming pool and hot tub area, Electronic games area, billiard room with regulation size tables, 2 bars, function suite (old Gym), out door children play area. Mini mart. And more. All in all it a nice facility and well laid out.

Some of the Chalets and caravans are privately owned and used as holiday places but they have retained quite a number for rentals. They are 2 or 3 bedrooms and can sleep 4 to 7 people. Since they are holiday flats all essentials are included i.e. plates, microwave, TV. Etc. The prices given in the brochure are for the caravan or chalet and not on the number of folks staying, so it is possible for two adults sharing with two other adults and halving the cost.

The 2003 reunion was held in South Carolina and I have been told that almost all of the folks attending were staying at the same hotel. The same thing would be more or less available here. With folks staying in different caravan/chalets but meeting at the leisure center for breakfast, trips, and events.

The Center is busy on Holidays and in the summer. For this reason the weekends of 27 March (Easter), 2 May (Mayday) and 30 May (Spring Break) or not available. I would suggest the following dates for the 2005 reunion.

5/12 - Thursday night - Icebreaker party in the function room.
5/13 - Friday - Ceilidh Dance
5/14 - Saturday - Formal reunion Ball w/ band
5/15 - Leisure day and tours
5/16 - Monday - BBQ cookout w/music (DJ)

The details of the reunion are not set, but during the meeting we were advised that the following type events could be arranged. One note to remember, if the functions are held at the leisure center the cost is per head and not rent for the space then cost per head.

For the folks staying at the leisure complex, they would arrange for pick up at the airport. If folks are staying at the center and renting a car, the ½ price ferry tickets would be sent.

Thursday night - Icebreaker party in the function room.
Friday - Ceilidh Dance
Saturday - Formal reunion Ball
Sunday - Rest day and tours if wanted.
Monday - BBQ cookout w/music or band.

Note: The leisure Center has it's regular entertainment on Wednesday night.
Tours could be arranged if folks wanted to go to Loch Lomond outlet mall or Breahead Mall.

The prices in the brochure show that a caravan in early May would be about £120 to £170 for 3 to 7 days. They have indicated that a deal could be arranged for even lower prices. After the number of folks planning to attend is known, then the price per event can be figures. They would then offer the individual caravan price, all-inclusive price, and by event price.

You folks in the USA would sell packages or whatever; the individual tickets for events would be done by the good folks of HLAVA (Holy Loch American Veterans Association). For those folks that do not know or haven't realized it, there are 35 American Members of the association on the Dunoon side and approximately 12 - 18 Americans that are not current members. The same figures could be given for the Greenock/Gourock side of the river, with some folks living in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

The following pictures are from the brochure.
This may give you a little better idea of what the Hunters Quay Holiday Village has to offer.

I know that the information on the brochure is not very clear, but to make it clear
would make for a very large file and would take a long time to load.

Clicky click to get to the Hunter's Quay Holiday Village web site.

The Village at a glance

· Set in 185 acres of parkland over looking the Holy Loch.
· The Dolphin Leisure Centre with 25m indoor swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room.        (Leisure activity charges as well as dates and times of operation am available on the price list
· Separate shallow 25m indoor children's fun pool
· State of the art gym
· Bar and lounge area in the Dolphin Leisure Centre
· Bar meals and evening meals in the lounge area
· Badminton and table tennis
· Sneaker (over 1 8's only)
· Games room with pool, video/games machines
· Children's indoor and outdoor play area
· Mountain bike hire
· Friday and Saturday night entertainment throughout the year at the Dolphin Leisure Centre
· Extra family entertainment during the main holidays
· Mini market (main holiday periods)
· Serviced laundry (April to October)
· Video him service and video library BBQ hire
· Meeting room for special interest groups and business meetings
· Weddings

The following Pictures were taken in July of 2003 when we were in Scotland on vacation.

This is The Dolphin Leisure Centre

This is the main hall.
The tables are set up in the front half of the hall.
At the time we where their the back half of the hall was for badminton and table tennis.

The bar area. Photo #1

The bar area. Photo #2

I think this is the Beech Lodge, and will sleep up to 6, if it is.

Inside the Beech Lodge. Living room, kitchen in the background

Inside the Beech Lodge. Kitchen

Inside the Beech Lodge. Master bedroom, one of three.

Inside the Beech Lodge. Bunk room.

Inside the Beech Lodge. Twin room

Inside the Beech Lodge. Living room, looking out over the deck

Caravan Village.

Caravan Village.
  Another view

Caravan living room.

Caravan dining area.

Note:  The table and the ash tray are also seen in the picture above.
This area is part of the lining room too.

Caravan Bed Room.

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