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Savin Rock Merry-Go-Round Calliope

301-Base Ball Field, Savin Rock, Conn.

302-Campbell Ave., Off Main St.

303-Colonial Inn, West Haven On The Sound

304-Colonial Inn, West Haven On The Sound

305-Ferry Landing at Light House Point

307-Fountain at Savin Rock Park

308-Fountain at Savin Rock Park

309-Giant Racer, Savin Rock, Conn.

310-In The Grove

311-Int. Christ Church Epise

312-Old Savin Rock Observatory

313-On The Beach, Savin Rock, Conn.



316-Gateway White City, Main Entrance

317-Savin-Rock, West-Haven, Conn.

318-Seeing Savin Rock in Miller Motor Car

319-Souvenir of Savin Rock.

320-Swimming Pool, Savin-Rock, Conn.

321-The Barnacle, Bradley Point
322-The Park, Savin Rock

323-The White City, New Haven, Conn.

324-West Haven Town Hall

325-Wilcox's and Savin Rock Theater

326-Wilcox's Pier Restaurant

327-Wilcox's Reataurant, Savin Rock, Conn.

328-Wilcoxs Flying Horses

401-Auto Row on Beach Street, Savin Rock

402-Laff in the Dark

403-Liberty Pier

404-Long Pier, Savin Rock

405-Merry Go Round, Savin Rock

406-Scene in Savin Rock, Conn.

407-The Roller Boller Coaster, Savin Rock

408-Theatre, Savin Rock, New Haven, Conn.

409-White City, Savin Rock, Conn.

410-Beach Street, Savin Rock, Conn.

411-Hill's Homestead, Savin Rock, Conn.

412-In The Grove

413-Lovers Lane, Savin Rock, Conn.

414-Lovers Lane, Savon-Rock.

415-Main Enterence to White City

416-Murphy's Pier, Savin Rock, Conn

420-Pier at Savin Rock, Conn

421-Profile, Savin Rock

422-Prospect Beach, Conn.

423-Savin Rock Park, Conn.

424-Savin Rock Park, Conn.

425-Savin Rock Park, Conn.

426-Savin Rock, Conn.

427-Savin Rock, New Haven, Conn.

428-Scenic Railway, White City, Savin Rock

429-Scene along the Beach, Savin Rock, Conn.

430-Scene along the Beach, Savin Rock, Conn.

431-Shore Walk, Savin Rock, Conn.

432-Sky Blazer, White City, Savin Rock

433-The-Band Stand, Savin Rock Park

434-The Barnacle, Bradley Point

435-The Beach House, Savin Rock, Conn.

436-The Colonnade, Savin Rock, Conn.

437-The Fountan, Savin Rock, Conn.

438-The Long Pier, Savin Rock, Conn

439-The-Spanish Cannons at Lighthouse Point

441-The White City, New Haven, Conn.

442-Thunderbolt, Savin Rock, Conn.

443-View from Colonial Inn

444-View of Prospect Beach, Conn.

445-View on Shore Walk, Savin Rock, Conn.

446-West Haven Green, West Haven, Conn.

447-West Haven Lodge 1537, B.P.O.E.

448-White City, New Haven, Conn.

449-White City, Savin Rock, Conn.

450-Wilcox's Long Pier, Savin Rock, Conn.

451-Wilcox's Long Pier, Savin Rock, Conn.

452-Wilcox's Marathon 11

453-Wilcox's Marathon 12

454-Wilcox's Marathon 27

505-Electric Tower At White City.

503-Chute the Chutes, White City

455-Wilcox's Restaurant, Savin Rock, Conn.

511-Shooting the Chutes, White-City.

512-White City, New Haven, Conn.

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